Storm Flood Monitoring and Storm Flood Simulator
Work Package 1

Early Dike work package 1 (“Storm Surge Monitor and Simulator”) will develop a new methodology to provide high frequency (at least 15 minute values) and high resolution (at least every kilometer) water level forecasts along the entire German North Sea coastline with a storm surge simulator. Within WP1 a hydrodynamic model will be used considering the latest bathymetry information together with mean sea level changes, and meteorological and astronomical forcing at the model boundaries over a period of at least 65 years. The resulting water levels will be used to derive empirical surge formulas at defined locations thereby coupling data driven empirical and numerical models in an innovative way. Various types of atmospheric and oceanographic data will be used to develop the statistical models and run them in an operational mode. This will also improve the existing operational storm surge warning system in terms of the spatial coverage (currently only point information is available). Furthermore, such information is crucial for the other work packages in order to meet the overall project objective of developing a sensor- and risk based early warning system for the coastline.

Flowchart Methodology

Figure Flowchart Methodology

Last updated on 01.08.2017